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VGS Home Invasion

This site contains the home locations of Second Life® residents using VGS Breachable/Pickable doors. It is intended to facilitate Home Invasion roleplay and is possible (using VGS Break and Enter products) to gain entry to any of the homes listed here.

The system is connected to the VGPS Stalking/Tracking Database, providing links to profiles where Tracknets and Transmitters are used.


- Resident uses VGPS Transmitter;
- Resident uses VGPS Tracknet;

Where a transmitter icon is flashing, the user is currently being tracked by the VGPS system and is grabbable. Click an icon to view their VGPS profile or 'TP' to goto their home. Some residents may also have set their doors to tell you exactly when they are home.

For more info concerning VGS Break And Enter devices, doors and robbable furniture etc, click here.

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