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February 13, 2013

VGS Break and Enter and Theft (Overview)

VGS has created various objects with a view to making home invasion RP, theft and mugging a viable possibility in Second Life. Items include:

  • Break and Enter Doors which can be picked and broken into whilst broadcasting their location to the web (here);
  • Ransackable and robbable furniture for detailed destruction of home environment;
  • Tools for breaking into furniture and homes;
  • Clothing that makes you robbable/muggable;
  • Security systems for protecting your home or alerting you to intrusion.

The following contains a list of the various items along with a brief explanation where required of what the items do.


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VGS Break and Enter Door

✱General Info and Features✱

The VGS Break and Enter Door Script has been designed so that it should be easily installable in any of your doors and can be set for compatibility with all VGS Break and Enter type products. The script is ideal for sim builders in that it is copiable and in that the door allows you to set up a number of door properties so that it may be installed in a range of door types.

The door is suitable for Break and Enter/Home Invasion RP and can be set to broadcast its location to our VGS Homes Website, here.

It is also compatible with our VGPS Stalker Database System for those who enable web searches. All these features, of course, are optional and can be turned on or off.