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February 13, 2013

VGS Break and Enter and Theft (Overview)

VGS has created various objects with a view to making home invasion RP, theft and mugging a viable possibility in Second Life. Items include:

  • Break and Enter Doors which can be picked and broken into whilst broadcasting their location to the web (here);
  • Ransackable and robbable furniture for detailed destruction of home environment;
  • Tools for breaking into furniture and homes;
  • Clothing that makes you robbable/muggable;
  • Security systems for protecting your home or alerting you to intrusion.

The following contains a list of the various items along with a brief explanation where required of what the items do.


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December 18, 2011

VGS Plug-Ins (Explained)

VGS Plug-ins are a simple, user-friendly way of dispensing/attaching items and adding VGS features through a single all-inclusive HUD or wearable item. See below for greater details.