Awfuly Good Props To Do Awfully Bad Things


VGS Black Market creates products that will immerse you in the illusion of dangerous Virtual Fantasies. VGS is a partnership between Allie Ree and Vaughan Elliott that strives to challenge the boundaries of the in-world experience.

VGS has products for most SL roleplay settings – Gorean, medieval and urban. We sell non-lethal roleplay weapons and bondage devices that are the cutting edge. Our drugs and drinks can be used as a unique forced addiction system. Most of our role-play tools come with RLV features and are customizable, the Restrained Love viewer is not required. We also specialize in building devices, such as traps and alarms you can integrate into full-Sim builds or private homes.

  • Hunt and Capture Devices
  • Carry and Drag Animations
  • Grid-Wide VGPS TrackNet Stalking
  • Unique Chained Piercings For Unprecedented Control
  • The Original Unlimited Capture Belts – The Enforcer and The Enslaver
  • A Customizable, Low-Lag Capture Arsenal- The VGS ToolBox HUD
  • Innovative Devices to Immobilize, Transport and Control Captives
  • Intoxicating and Knockout Drinks and Drugs – and a System to Deal Them
  • Create and Sell Your Own Custom Drugs
  • Traps, Lockpick Doors, Alarms and Safes
  • Mugging and Pick-pocketing Items
  • Robbable Furnishings and Items That Can Be Stolen
  • Self-Defense and Law-Enforcement Roleplay Weapons
  • Pre-fab Buildings and Building Aids
  • One Prim and Low Prim Sculpts.

The VGS Black Market Warehouse is located in an Urban Environment stacked with crates featuring our products as contraband. (Adult Rated Sim)

The VGS Black Market Cove is a pirate cove that you can explore like a medieval, ancient trader or Gorean merchant, browsing the VGS crates or the Ship Wreck Salvage Yard Sale crates washed ashore. Our prefabs and sculpted modular building sets are on display here, as well as interactive traps and demos. (Mature/Moderate Rated Sim)

Second Life® is a trademark of Linden Research, Inc. VGS is not affiliated with or sponsored by Linden Research.

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