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February 13, 2013

VGS Break and Enter and Theft (Overview)

VGS has created various objects with a view to making home invasion RP, theft and mugging a viable possibility in Second Life. Items include:

  • Break and Enter Doors which can be picked and broken into whilst broadcasting their location to the web (here);
  • Ransackable and robbable furniture for detailed destruction of home environment;
  • Tools for breaking into furniture and homes;
  • Clothing that makes you robbable/muggable;
  • Security systems for protecting your home or alerting you to intrusion.

The following contains a list of the various items along with a brief explanation where required of what the items do.


Break and Enter Tools
Furniture, Home and Scenery
  1. VGS Doors
  2. Break and Enter Furniture
  3. Stealable Furniture and Scenery
VGS Alarms and Security
  1. VGS Alarms
  2. VGS Alarm Plug-ins
  3. VGS Traps
VGS Clothing
  1. Pick-pocket/Robbable Clothing
  2. Other Pickable Clothing

Break and Enter Tools

-VGS Lockpicks (3-Pack) [BUY]

*(Used to pick locked furniture/doors – sometimes break.)

-VGS Crowbar [BUY]

*(Opens VGS doors and some VGS items – never breaks.)

-VGS Sledgehammer [BUY]

*(Opens VGS doors and some VGS items – never breaks.)

-VGS Wirecutters [BUY]

*(Used for disarming VGS Security and Alarms.)

Furniture, Home and Scenery

VGS Doors

*(Door can broadcast location to website.)

-VGS Break and Enter Door Kit [BUY]

*(Can install in own doors or use our pre-made ones.)

Break and Enter Furniture

*(Can be picked and/or contents stolen.)

-VGS Ransackable Filing Cabinets [BUY]

*(Knock them over and push them around.)

-VGS Hidden Wall Safe [BUY]

*(Pull pic from wall to find safe.)

-VGS Sea Chest [BUY]

Stealable Furniture and Scenery

*(Furniture that simulates being taken.)

-VGS Burlap Sacks [BUY]
-VGS Electronics [BUY]
-VGS Medical Supplies [BUY]
-VGS Paga [BUY]

VGS Alarms and Security

VGS Alarms

*(Respond when doors and some furniture are picked.)

-VGS Modern Alarm [BUY]
-VGS Old Fashioned Alarm [BUY]

*(More old world/medieval design.)

VGS Alarm Plug-Ins

*(Add traps/features to VGS Alarms.)

-VGS Alarm Cage-Trap Plug-In [BUY]

*(Alarm will cage intruder.)

-VGS Alarm Snare-Trap Plug-In [BUY]

*(Alarm hangs intruder up-side-down with wire snare.)

VGS Traps

*(Stand-alone VGS Traps (Don’t need alarm.))

-VGS Wire Snare-Trap [BUY]

*(Hangs anyone tripping wire up-side-down by leg.)

VGS Clothing

VGS Pickpocket/Robbable Clothing

*(Wearers can be robbed/pickpocketted.)

-VGS Mug-me Messenger Bag [BUY]

*(Bag that simulates personal robbery.)

-VGS Mug-me Script Kit [BUY]

*(Add mugging functionality to MOD prim clothes.)

-VGS Enforcer Belt [BUY]
-VGS Enslaver Belt [BUY]
-VGS Drug Belt [BUY]

*(The above Belts can be switched to robbable.)

VGS Other Pickable Clothing

*(Items can be picked and removed or slaves stolen etc.)

-VGS Pickable Chastity Belt (Female) [BUY]
-VGS Pickable Chastity Belt (Male) [BUY]

*(Chastity Belts that can be picked and removed.)

-VGS Gold Chained Heart Piercings [BUY]
-VGS Silver Chained Heart Piercings [BUY]
-VGS Gold Nipple Piercings [BUY]
-VGS Silver Nipple Piercings

-VGS Captivation Collar [BUY]
-VGS Gold ID Necklace [BUY]
-VGS Silver ID Necklace [BUY]
-VGS Pet Choke Collar [BUY]
-VGS Gold ID Bracelet [BUY]
-VGS Silver ID Bracelet [BUY]

*(All above collar items can be picked and slaves stolen.)

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