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July 27, 2012

VGS Forced Sex Scene

✱General Info and Features✱

The VGS Forced Sex Scene is an innovative, narrative based, 2-person forced sex scene suitable for use in any location. The scene is made with fluid, sequential RP in mind with certain gateway positions making other positions available that make narrative sense. Furthermore, it’s absense of any attached scenery makes it ideal for any location.


  1. Innovative narrative pose changing that allows sex to stop and start and change in intensity;
  2. Victim can choose to struggle and optionally break ‘action poses’ (if setup to do so);
  3. Can be installed in VGS Attacher and Dispenser objects such as Transmitters, Tracknets, VGS Collars and Toolbox HUDs etc;
  4. $setup notecard that allows you to set the following offsets:
    • the base sit positions of both the Attacker and the Victim;
    • the Attacker’s camera offset, giving you control over the default angle you view the scene when using it;
  5. Menu-driven pose selection;
  6. Menu-driven RLV options such as stripping, force sit etc, plus RLV users can’t dismount, tp etc;
  7. Menu-driven fine-tuning of predator and victim positions. (Useful for differently sized avatars;
  8. Avatars other than the owner may use the scene;
  9. Auto-deletes if owner leaves sim or logs out for between about 1-5 minutess and the scene is not being used (can turn this on/off).

NOTE: Throughout these instructions, ‘driver’ will be used to refer to the ‘Attacker’ and ‘passenger’ to the ‘Victim’.


Unpack and Sit
The Menus
  1. Main Menu
  2. RL Menu
  3. Fine-Tuning Avatar Positions
  4. Strength Menu
The $setup Notecard
  1. Driver and Passenger Base Position Offsets
  2. Cam Pos/Cam Look At
  3. Setup Strength
Dispensers and Attachers

✹Unpack and Sit Instructions✹

►Unpacking an Item◄

  1. Rez the packaged item on the floor:
    • Find item in your inventory;
    • Hold your left mouse button down on the item then drag it to the ground;
    • Release button.
  2. Open the package:
    • Right-click item;
    • Select ‘Open’ from the context menu;
    • Select ‘Copy to Inventory’.

This creates a new folder in your inventory named after the package. You will find your new item in this folder.

►Sitting on the Scene/Poseball◄

  1. Rez scene on the ground:
    • Hold your left mouse button down on scene and drag it from your inventory to the floor;
  2. Before a passenger can sit, the driver must be in place:
    • As the driver, right-click the driver’s poseball (it may be labelled something like ‘Carrier’, ‘Predator’ etc) and select the equivalent option in the context menu. You shoudl be attached to the poseball;
    • The victim should now right-click the passenger poseball (it may be labelled ‘Be Carried’, ‘Be Dragged’, ‘Victim’ etc) and again select equivalent option from the context menu.

Both poseballs should vanish and the user menu appear.

✱The Menus✱

Once both the driver and passenger are sat on the scene, you will receive a menu. If you close the menu, you can type ‘menu’ on chennel 5 to bring it back, e.g:

/5 menu

✱Main Menu✱

The top 6 options are animation options, some of which are gateways to new animation sets. E.g., selecting On Knees would put the victim on their knees and give you access to a new set of options appropriate to that position. Other options are:

A lag friendly way of getting rid of menu.

Stands both avis with victim facing current direction.

Will stand both avis and turn the victim avi around 180 degrees. Turning the victim gives access to new animations.

Lets you scroll through pages of animations

Gives access to RL Menu, Strength Menu and avatar position fine-tuning options.

✱RL Menu✱

To bring up the RL menu, type ‘/5 menu’, then click Options=>RL Menu. If there is no victim avatar seated, you will get only the Force Sit option. Click this to get a list of avatars within 10m of you that are RLV enabled and using an RLV relay. Select the name to force sit that person on the scene.


Once sat, if a victim is using RLV and an RLV relay, the following restrictions will be imposed:

  • No TPing;
  • No sit TPing;
  • Cannot send/receive IMs except to/from driver;
  • Ability to stand disabled;

►Options for Sat Victim◄

Once an RLV enabled victim is seated, the following RL options are available:

•Deny/Allow Chat
Allows you to turn off/on their public chat – may be used to rp ‘hand over mouth’ etc.

Gives access to a list of locations for any clothing the victim might be wearing. Click a location to remove the item.

Gives a list of locations for any attachments the victim is wearing. Click a location to remove the attachment.

•Main Menu
Returns you to main animation menu.

✱Fine Tuning Avatar Positions✱

Though you can use the $setup notecard to alter the base sit offsets, this will not be sufficient when you interact with a number of avatar sizes. Because of this, the VGS Scene also has a fine-tune menu whereby you can adjust the Backwards/Forwards, Left/Right and Up/Down position of each avatar. This may be done whilst sitting on the poseball. To access this menu, as the driver type:

/5 menu

Then click Options. You should receive a menu which includes options of which avatar you want to adjust. (An avatar must be in place before it will appear on this menu).

Select an avatar position (Driver, Carrier etc), then use the next menu to select which direction axis you want to alter: Fwd/Back, Left/Right or Up/Down. Once this has been selected, you may use the + and – values to move the selected avatar along the axis you selected. The + will move the avatar Forward, Left or Up whereas the – will move you Backwards, Right or Down. You can click the ‘Direction’ option to return to the direction select menu. There is also a ‘Restore’ option for going back to the original position:

►Use ‘Restore’ in the Direction Select Menu to reset the avatar’s position back to whre it started (the base sit position).
►Use ‘Restore’ in a particular axis adjust menu if you only want to reset that directional axis.

✱Strength Menu✱


Scene victims can struggle and attempt to break a particular action animation. ‘Action animations’ are moving scenes and should the victim break one, you will be returned to the still version of the scene. Hence, a successful struggle may stop a moving sex pose and return both avis to the stationary ‘Mount’ pose. To get the Struggle option, the victim should type:

/5 menu


As the driver you can change your strength which governs what the victim can achieve by struggling. As driver, type ‘/5 menu’, then click Options->Strength and pick from the following options:

•Low: The victim struggle will always break an action pose;
•Medium: Struggling will occassionally break the action;
•High: Struggling will never break the action;
•Off: Turns victim struggle menu off altogether.

You can use the scene’s $setup notecard to set the scene’s default strength so you don’t need to keep changing it.

✱The $setup Notecard✱

To alter the $setup notecard:

  1. Rez the scene;
  2. Right-click it and select ‘Edit’ in the context menu;
  3. Click ‘More’ to extend the Edit Window and then click ‘Content’ to open the scene’s inventory;
  4. Double-click the ‘$setup’ notecard to open it.

You should see something like the following:

Carrier Pos: <-0.0, 0.0, 0.0>
Passenger Pos: <-0.0,0.0,-0.3>
Cam Pos: <-2.0, 1.0, 2.9>
Cam Look At: <0.2, 0.0, 0.7>
Strength: Medium
Auto-Tidy: on

(If you adjust the $setup notecard and break it, you should be able to copy the above values into it to return to a default setup.)

✱Driver and Passenger Base Positions✱

For different sized avatars, there may be some problems getting animations to align. To deal with this issue, the $setup notecard allows you to set a base offset for the avatar sizes you most often deal with.

To alter the base avatar position offests, you will need to alter the Driver Pos and Passenger Pos values (they may have different names depending on the poseball or scene).

Altering these will require a basic knowedge of vectors and it is recommended that you only proceed if you know what you are doing.

You should only alter the values inside the angle brackets (‘<>‘) and you should not change the lines that the information appears on. Doing this will break the function. Any alterations to the values inside the angle brackets will alter the x,y and z co-ordinates of the sit positions of the driver or the passenger.

Adding to this will move the seated avatar forwards; backwards if you subtract;
Adding will move the avatar left, subtracting will move it right;
Adding moves the avatar up, subtracting moves it down;

Negative values are allowed.

You cannot alter the notecard whilst seated on a poseball. You should get off the ball, alter the $setup notecard, then sit back on the poseball to test the position. You can use the menu to get some idea how much you need to alter each value (See Below).

✱Cam Pos and Cam Look At✱

The Cam Pos and Cam Look At componants have been added to allow you to change the default camera angle from which the driver of the scene sees themselves. The values are vectors and control the forward/backward, left/right and up/down position of the way the driver’s viewer observes the scene..

The Cam Pos value represents where the camera is situated in relation to the scene. For example, if you set the Cam Pos to <-2.0, -1.0, 2.0> the cameral will be situated 2m behind, 1m to the right and 2m up from the scene.

The Cam Look At componant controls where the lens of the camera points. Hence, if you set the Cam Pos z componanat say to 3 and the Cam Look At z to 1, your camera would be placed 3m above the scene, looking down at some point 1m above the scene. Likewise, if you set Cam Pos z to 1.0 and Cam Look At z to 3m, your camera would be located 1m above the scene looking up at a point 3m above the scene.

If you are not confident about what these changes do, please don’t alter them.

Default Strength

You can use the Strength value to set the driver’s default strength. (See Strength Menu to see what this does). Acceptable values are: Low, Medium, High and Off. It is not case sensitive. E.g., to set default strength to high you may type:

Strength: high


Auto-Tidy can be turned on/off from the $setup notecard by using the values ‘on’ or ‘off’.

If Auto-Tidy is on, when the driver dismounts the scene, a timer is started which will check whether or not the owner of the scene is in the sim every 5 minutes. If the scene owner is no longer present, it will be auto-deleted so as to avoid clutter and lag. If Auto-Tidy is off, the scene will remain where it is left for others to use. E.g.,

Auto-Tidy: on

✱Dispensers and Attachers✱

VGS Scenes are compatible with our Dispensers (e.g., the VGS Toolbox HUD, VGPS Tracknet and Enforcer Belts) and Attachers (e.g., VGS Collars, VGPS Transmitters, piercings etc). For use with these items an installer has been provided. The installer however will only install a scene interface script. You will need to install the scenes manually. This is so you can make any changes to the scene $setup notecard before you install it.

►Script Installation◄

  1. Rez your Attacher or Dispenser on the ground;
  2. Rez the scene script installer on the ground within 10m of the Attacher/Dispenser;
  3. Click the Scene Installer and then select the type of item (Attacher/Dispenser) you wish to install the script in.

The script will be installed.

►Scene Installation◄
To intall the scene into the Attacher/Dispenser, first make sure you have set the $setup notecard to how you want it. Then:

  1. Rez the Dispenser/Attacher on thr ground;
  2. Right-click Attacher/Dispenser and select Edit in context menu;
  3. Click ‘More’ to extend the edit window then select the Content tab;
  4. Drag the desired scene from your inventory into the Attacher/Detacher’s Contents folder

The scene will now be installed.

►Male and Female Scenet Installation◄
If you use a Dispenser, there may be occasions where you want to rez a different scene with different setups for males and female avatars. To do this, setup your two scenes as you want them, then rename them with one containing ‘(M)’ in the name and the other containing ‘(F)’. Install both scenes in the Dispenser as describled above.

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