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December 17, 2011

VGPS Tracknet

The VGPS Stalker Database Project is the original gridwide stalking and abduction system for the virtual world Second Life®. Our latest version includes new web profiles and web searching for both Tracknet and Transmitter wearers as well as many other exciting new features. See below for details.

Use the VGPS Tracknet to stalk and the VGPS Transmitter to be stalked.


General Info and Features
VGPS TracknetInstructions
User Interface and Menus

  1. HUD Buttons
  2. Menu Options

Grabbing and the Grab Menu

  1. Grabbing
  2. Grabber Menu
  3. Force Abduct/Force TP
  4. Other Grab Commands


  • Locate and stalk anyone wearing a transmitter anywhere in SL;
  • Grab and force Transmitter wearers to follow you;
  • Various RLV features for grabbers – Force Sit, access shared folders, force TP, stripping, etc.;
  • Tracknet serves as VGS Plug-In Dispenser just like the VGS Toolbox: – allows you to dispense VGS plug-ins like Handcuffs, and rez scenes etc.; can be used on any SL resident;
  • New search filters allow you to control who shows in your search
  • Option to search only for Transmitter users in your active SL group;
  • Create a VGPS web profile or browse various transmitter web profiles;
  • Get updates through Tracknet or web about when someone wears their Transmitter – web profiles mean you can target someone even if they are offline;
  • Add link to your home using VGPS web profile;
  • Find Transmitter users’ home on their web profile so you can break in while they are offline (or on ;) );
  • Eaves-drop on public chat and contact Transmitter wearers anonymously from anywhere in SL (only if their permissions allow it);
  • New ‘Stalk’ feature for RLV transmitters. Tracknets on TPing into their region may impose certain restrictions: IM, TP, see region and AV names etc. Gives more sinister stalk experience – lets them know they are being hunted and can’t see who you are;
  • Send anonymous gifts to Transmitter users – easier than with previous version;
  • Force TP grabbed or Stalked Transmitter users either to pre-defined location or by request;
  • Foldable screen displays person you are stalking;
  • Easy to use drop-down target selection menu;
  • More discrete HUD than previous version;
  • Transmitter works with VGS Non-Consent items such as VGS Sex Offender’s Tag.
  • Superbly low memory consumption and lag – 0.002ms cpu/512kb (measured by Firestorm – Right-click->More->Script Info).

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✱✱✱VGPS Tracknet Instructions✱✱✱

✱User Interface and Menus✱

►HUD Buttons◄

Once you’ve unpacked and attached the Tracknet, you’ll see a set of buttons.

  • Screen
    Hides/Shows Tracknet screen.
  • Power
    Toggles Tracknet On/Off.

Switching On will enable the Menu and Track buttons:

  • Menu
    Gives access to the Tracknet’s various menus (See Main Menu);
  • Track
    Creates drop-down menu of transmitter users. Use this to select a stalk target:

    1. Click Track, then select someone from drop-down menu;
    2. Use Info and Locate on the HUD to preview data about them;
    3. Use ‘Confirm’ to select them as a target or ‘Go Back’ to return to list;

    On the Track menu, there is other data beside target names:

    • At the very end is a timestamp showing the age of this target’s data. For online users, this should be no greater than 1 minute.
    • The Transmitter’s current perms [ED CM DT STK RL]. If these letters are absent, the transmitter will not allow the related feature:
      ➢[ED] Eaves-drop – Allows listening-in on transmitter’s public chat;
      ➢[CM] Comms – Allow anonymous communication as if you phoned them;
      ➢[DT] Direct Teleport – TP links drop you within about 10m of them, otherwise 100m. (NOTE: Landing zones and telehubs may over-ride this);
      ➢[STK] Stalk – Allows you to impose RLV Stalk restrictions;
      ➢[RL] RestrainedLove enabled Target;

Once a target is selected, all remaining HUD buttons are acivated.

  • Locate
    Get Clickable link showing target’s position. Also shows:

    1. Target’s exact position and distance (only if in same sim);
    2. The Transmitters current perms: ED, CM etc.:
    3. A list of any extra options available through certain VGS Plug-ins;
    4. The Population Density or number of avis within 20m of the target;
    Plug-in PermsThe following is a list of VGS Plug-ins that work with the transmitter to allow various other options (NOTE: These do not include plug-ins such as bindings and cuffs etc. Look for these in the Grab Menu under Plug-ins):-None available yet.
  • Info
    Gets various details about the target:

    1. The Transmitter user’s setup, i.e., their race, their sex, the race and sex they want to stalk them and the type of scene they are interested in. (See the Main Menu->Filters for more details);
    2. A 200 character profile;
    3. A clickable link to their SL profile;
  • Goto
    If you are within 60m of your target, click this to attempt to automatically get within 10m of them. Click a second time to abort.
  • Grab
    Get within 3m of a target and click this to grab them. You will get a Grab menu and they will be forced to follow you. See Grab Menu for more details.
  • Abduct
    You may use this button to force TP a target to a predefined Abduct location:

    1. If the target is RLV enabled;
    2. If you have set an abduct location (See Main Menu->Abduct Menu);
    3. And if you have either grabbed them or have put them in Stalk mode (See Main Menu->Comms Menu);
  • Drop
    Stop tracking current target.

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►Main Menu◄

Turn on Tracknet with Power button then click Menu to access Main Menu. The drop-down menu will show your current Filters and Settings.


Filters allow you to control who appears in your Track lists. In a series of 5 menus, you may:

  1. Set your race;
  2. Set your sex;
  3. Set the race of those you want to appear in searches;
  4. Set the sex of those you want to appear in searches;
  5. Set the type of RP you are interested in.

To set your filters:

  1. Click ‘Menu’ on the HUD then click ‘Filters’;
  2. Alter your filteres and then click ‘Next’ to goto the next menu;
  3. At the end, click ”Finish’.

The available settings are:

Races: Human, Vampire, Animal, Other
(Animal includes Fury; Other includes Spirits, Demons, Aliens etc.)
Sexes: Male, Female, T-Male, T-Female;
(T-Male is a transgendered Female -to-Male and T-Female Male-to-Female)
RP Types:

  • Ravish: Light forced RP where the victim eventually consents to pleasure.
  • Forced: Forced sex where the emphasis is on the force, fear, some violence and the absence of pleasure;
  • Capture: Expresses willingness to be kidnapped for periods longer than just the initial scene;
  • Slavery: Expresses willingness to be hunted and enslaved/collared. Again, this would imply long-term ownership;
  • Extreme: No or very few limits. Anything goes RP.

If a target transmitter does not meet with your filters, they should not appear in your search lists, e.g., if you are set to search for Male targets, Females shouldn’t show up.

NOTE: Be sure to use I’nfo’ to check the types of scene the victim is interested in. If you have Extreme and Ravishment selected, you will still pick up anyone with only Ravishment interests declared.

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  • Groups:
    Some Transmitter users will be set to let only certain SL groups find them. To track such users:

    1. Click ‘Groups’ to toggle SL Groups on;
    2. Activate the SL Group whose transmitter users you want to search for:
      1. Right-click your avatar and select Groups in the context menu;
      2. Select your group in the resultant list and right-click it, then select Activate. (In Viewer 1, select the group then click the Activate button);
      3. Detach and reattach Tracknet. Your searches will now only return transmitter users of the same SL Group.
  • Sound
    Toggle sounds on/off.

Note 1: This will turn off error noises which are useful for teaching you to use the Tracknet;
Note 2: Due to a bug in the SL viewer, previously played sounds can be randomly played with no script-based trigger. There is nothing we can do about this.

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✹’Web Menu’✹

The new VGPS Transmitter now has a website at:

Here you will be able to:

  1. Browse Transmitter and Tracknet users who have uploaded themselves to the website;
  2. Get notifications about when someone comes online wearing a transmitter;
  3. Find a link to their SL home (if they’ve added it);
  4. Add a link to your own SL home on your Tracknet profile.

►Getting Online Notifications◄

  • Enter Password in Tracknet’s ‘!!VGS Web Password’ Notecard’;
    1. Right-Click the Tracknet and select Edit;
    2. Double-Click the ‘!!VGS Web Password’ notecard (or right-click and select Open);
    3. Enter 4-10 letter password after where it says ‘Password:’ e.g.:

      Password: MyPass

  • To get Online Notifications using Tracknet:
    1. Click: Track->Select a Target->Confirm;
    2. Click: Menu->Web Menu->Notify;
  • To Get Online Notifications using website:
    1. Goto website and click ‘Enter’ on content warning page;
    2. Find a target:
      1. By Name Search (use ‘Resident’ as surname for new avis) or
      2. By Criteria Search (tick the boxes of the qualities your are seeking);
      3. Make sure you have Prey selected in the selection box then press ‘Search’
      4. If you used a name, you will be on their profile; if you searched by criteria, pick a name to get to their profile.
  • Enter your SL Username and TRACKNET password in input boxes below the target’s profile picture to get notifications. Again, use ‘Resident’ as your surname if you are a new avi.


  • You can only get online notifications about one person at a time;
  • You can track other people whilst receiving notifications about someone, e.g., whilst getting notifications on Martha Smith, you can still track Delores Haize.
  • If the transmitter user has you on their ban list, you will no longer receive notifications.

►Web Menu◄

Clicking Menu->Web Menu will return the following options:

  • ‘Notify’- Selects current Tracknet target as the Online Notifications target;
  • ‘Details’- Returns:
    ➢The name of the person you are being notified about;
    ➢Their current online status;
    ➢A link to their VGPS Web Profile;
    ➢Your password.
  • ‘Un-notify’ – Clears the person you are currently getting notifications about;
  • Website – Loads the VGPS website in a browser.
  • Set Home – Sets the location you are standing in as your home. This will be sent to your VGPS profile when you click Upload Web.
  • Clear Home – Clears home location – again, you must send this change manually if you don’t have Auto Upload selected.
  • Upload Web – Sends any stored data (Filters, home and profile) to VGPS profile.
  • Delete Web – Deletes your profile from the VGPS website.
  • Auto Upload – Toggles on/off auto-uploading data to website. If on, any changes to profile, home and filters will be automatically sent.


  1. If you don’t want to feature on the VGPS website, switch off Auto Upload and then click Delete Web.
  2. You may have a different Filter setup on the VGPS profile to your Tracknet setup by switching off Auto Upload once you are happy with your web profile.


To write your web profile, just enter upto 200 characters in the !!VGPS Profile notecard after where it says ‘Profile:’

  1. Right-click your tracknet and select Edit;
  2. In the Edit Window, click the Content tab;
  3. Double click the !!VGPS Profile notecard in the Contents folder;
  4. On the same line as where it says ‘Profile:’ (i.e., don’t presss return), after the colon (:) write your 200 character profile;
  5. Click Save

It should look something like this:

Profile: This would be my new profile. The return key should not be pressed and it should not exceed 200 characters.

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✹Abduct Menu✹

The Tracknet HUD’s Abduct button lets you TP a victim to a predefined abduct location:

  1. If you have grabbed the Transmitter wearer or
  2. If you have activated the Transmitter wearer’s Stalk feature;

The Abduct Menu allows you to set this target.

  • ‘Set Abduct’
    Sets the abduct target location to the spot on which you currently stand;
  • ‘Clr Abduct’
    Removes the Abduct location from the transmitter

The drop-down menu will inform you of the current Abduct Target location.

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✹Comms Menu✹

Allows you to:

  1. Open Eave-drop on target’s public chat (ED);
  2. Initiate anonymous communications (CM);
  3. Impose RLV Stalk restrictions (STK);

These features can only be used under certain conditions:

  1. You must have someone targetted- (Track->Select Target->Confirm);
  2. Their transmitter must permit CM, ED or STK – (you will see this in the Select Target menu, or failing that, click Locate);
  3. For Stalk, the Target must be using an RL enabled Viewer.

►Comms Menu◄

  • Call(CM)

    Will attempt to contact the target as if phoning them. Once clicked, you must wait for the other person to accept the call – if not accepted in 25 seconds, it will hang up. Unlike with the previous version, you may now make a call from anywhere in SL.

    You can alter the name with which you contact the target.

    1. Right-click Tracknet and select Edit in context menu;
    2. Make sure the General Tab is selected in Edit Window;
    3. In the Description box, change where it says ‘Vague Voice’ to whatever name you desire and press Enter. All calls will be made under this name.

    ✱WARNING: In V2 viewers, anonymity is not here guarenteed. A target being contacted may click your object name in public chat to see who owns it. To prevent this, with RLV users, various RL restrictions will be imposed when you call them:

    1. Can’t detach transmitter;
    2. Can’t see avi names;
    3. Can’t TP to locations (to prevent them using the TP link v2 associates with objects);
    4. Can’t open map or mini-map – to prevent them seeing your location on the map.

    Once the call is accepted, you should talk on channel 55. E.g., type:

    /55 hello…

    To close the connection, click ‘Comm’ again or type ‘!close’ (without quotes) on channel 55. E.g., type:

    /55 !close

    If this fails, go offline for about 30 seconds.

  • Eaves-drop[ED]Attempts to listen in on target’s public chat:
    • Can be activated from anywhere in Secondlife;
    • The target will not be informed.

    To close eaves-drop channel you can:

    1. Go back into the Comms Menu and click Eavesdrop again;
    2. Go offline about 30 seconds.

    You must close Eavesdrop and Comms channels before you can choose another target.

  • Stalk [STK]
    To use this, you must be in the same sim as the target. Clicking it will impose various RL restrictions:

    ➢Blocks IMs and TPs – except those sent to and from yourself;
    ➢Prevents Transmitter being detached;
    ➢Hides Region and Avatar names so target can’t tell who anyone is;
    ➢Prevents use of world map and mini map;
    ➢You can force TP them either with the Abduct button or a TP request.

    The transmitter user will be informed when this mode is activated and they will know someone is looking for them.

    To deactivate, either:

    1. Click Stalk a second time;
    2. Leave the sim for more than 60 seconds.

    If you leave the sim and TP them to another sim by a TP request within 60 seconds, this mode will remain active. Great for anonymous abduction into an anonymous setting.

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Tracknet’s function as if they were a VGS Plug-in Dispenser, simillar to the VGS Toolbox. See relevant plug-in instructions for details on how to install them. This allows you to use the Tracknet to cuff, blindfold, gag, rez VGS scenes and poseballs etc., and they may be used on any other Second Life resident – not just Transmitter users.

➢Click Menu->Plug-Ins;
➢Choose Male or Female;
➢Select from a list of the plug-ins that you’ve installed;
➢Select the person on which you wish to use it.

This may vary depending on the plug-in used. See relevant instructions for details.

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✹Gift Menu✹

Gifts can be sent anonymously to targetted transmitter users. Gifts must be:

  1. An object, Notecard or texture/Snapshot;
  2. Placed in the Tracknet inventory:
    1. Right-click Tracknet and select Edit;
    2. Click Content tab in Edit window;
    3. Drag your intended gift from your inventory into the Tracknet Content folder by holding your left mouse button down on it;
  3. You must have COPY perms for it;
  4. Its name can be no longer than 24 characters long;
  5. The name may not contain ‘VGS’ (without quotes);
  6. The name may not begin ‘!’ (without quotes);
  7. You must also be standing within 10m of the VGS Database (at our Devils Pocket store) to send it.

With all the above conditions met:

  1. Make sure you have a target selected: (Track->Select Target->Confirm);
  2. Click Menu->Gift Menu->Give Gift to get a list of valid items in your inventory;
  3. Select an item whilst within 10m of the VGPS Database.

The Gift should send to the target.

WARNING: If you send an object or Texture/Snapshot, remember that the creator information is built into the object. This may damage the chances of anonymity. To prevent this in the case of notecards, we are giving away blank paper through our VGPS Database. Just Left-click the database and then select ‘Get Paper’. You’ll receive an item named ‘!Blank Paper’ which you will need to rename before sending. Feel free to write notes on here. they will be sent with Vaughan Elliott as their creator.

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✱Grabbing and the Grab Menu✱

Any Transmitter wearer can be grabbed by any other SL resident:

  1. Get within 3m of the transmitter wearer;
  2. If you have the transmitter wearer targetted with the Tracknet, you may just click the ‘Grab’ button;

    Alternatively, you can grab them manually by typing ‘/555 grab’ (without quotes). E.g., If you want to grab Carol Queen, get within 3m of her and type:

    /555 grab caro

Once grabbed, the target will be forced to follow you and for RLV enabled targets certain restrictions will be imposed. You will also have access to the Grab Menu:

✹Grab Menu✹

Having grabbing someone you will be given a Grab Menu.

►General Options◄

  • ‘Cancel’ – Lag friendly way to close the menu (type ‘/555 menu’ (without quotes) to get it back or re-click Grab button with person targetted);
  • ‘Poses’ – Lets you access any animations installed in the Transmitter;
  • ‘Plugins’ – Gives you access to any VGS Plugins installed in the transmitter;
  • ‘Release’ – Release transmitter wearer.

►RLV User Only Options◄

  • ‘Unsit’ (Available only if victim is sitting) – Lets you attempt to force them to stand. This function will sometimes fail due to a problem with the RLV protocol;
  • ‘Force Sit’ – Creates a menu of objects within 5m that you can force victim to sit on;
  • ‘Shared’ – Allows you to access items in victim’s RLV shared folder (if they have one);
  • ‘Detach’ – Gives you a list of attached items – detach them by clicking them;
  • ‘Undress’ – Gives you a list of worn clothing items – remove by clicking them.

►RLV Restrictions◄

A number of RLV restrictions are applied when someone is grabbed.

➢They may no longer detach the transmitter;
➢They may no longer TP or accept TP requests (except those sent by you);
➢They may no longer send or receive IMs (except to the grabber);
➢Permits you to force TP them via the Abduct button or by TP request.
➢Victim can only Sit on or Touch objects a few meters away;
➢Can’t read notecards;
➢Removes ‘Stand’ button preventing them standing by themselves.

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►Force Abduct/Force TP◄

  • To Abduct
    1. Make sure you have set an Abduct Target (See Abduct Menu);
    2. Get within 3m of RLV enabled Transmitter wearer and grab them;
    3. Click Abduct Button on HUD to TP them to Abduct Target.
  • To Force TP them by Request
    1. Get within 3m of RLV enabled Transmitter wearer and grab them;
    2. Without releasing them, TP to your desired location;
    3. Send the Transmitter wearer a TP request. They will be forced to your location.

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✹Other Commands✹

•Other channel 555 chat commands include:

/555 release

Releases victim so they no longer follow you or are RLV restricted; (TP whilst still holding them and then send TP request if you wish to force TP them).

/555 menu

Returns the grab menu should you close it.

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