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December 18, 2011

VGS Plug-Ins (Explained)

VGS Plug-ins are a simple, user-friendly way of dispensing/attaching items and adding VGS features through a single all-inclusive HUD or wearable item. See below for greater details.


The Concept
  1. Attacher Examples
  2. Dispenser Exampless
Host Objects
  1. List of Attachers
  2. List of Dispensers
  1. Item Plug-Ins
  2. Interactive Scenes, Walks an Poseball Plug-ins
  3. Additional Feature Plug-Ins

The Concept

VGS Plug-Ins can be installed into certain kinds of VGS host item. With the correct plug-in, you can:

  1. Give out or attach unlimited numbers of certain VGS objects, e.g., cuffs, gags etc.;
  2. Rez various scenes and poseballs as you need them;
  3. Install additional effects and features for use with other VGS items.

There are two types of host item in which you can install plug-ins:

  1. Attachers: Examples include VGS Collars and the VGPS Transmitter. They allow others to attach plug-ins to the Attacher wearer.
  2. Dispenser: Includes VGS Toolbox, Enforcer Belts and VGPS Tracknets. They allow wearers to give plug-ins out to any other SL resident.

If you are looking to abduct, arrest, enslave, capture etc., then install plug-ins into a Dispenser.

If you are a slave, abductee etc., and want plug-ins used on you, install plug-ins into an Attacher.

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  1. A Master may have a slave who is using a VGS Collar. The slave has previously installed a VGS Rope Gag plug-in into the collar. The Master may now issue a command to attach the gag to the slave (it will auto-attach if the slave is using RLV.)
  2. Somone using a VGPS Transmitter may have installed a poseball/scene plug-in. Anyone now grabbing the Transmitter user will have access to their Plug-Ins Menu which will allow them to rez any VGS poseballs or scenes the transmitter user has installed. For instance, they may have installed the Hair Grab Walk or some sex scene environment. Selecting it from the menu will rez the scene and allow them to use it


  1. Someone roleplaying a security guard using the VGS Toolbox HUD may have installed a VGS Handcuffs Plug-in. Using the Toolbox, they will be able to give the handcuffs to any other Second Life resident. Once attached, the handcuffs would allow you to grab and drag the resident around.
  2. A kidnapper using the VGPS Tracknet may have installed a VGS Scene or poseball such as the Abductor’s Walk. Using their Tracknet menu, they may rez the scene either near themselves or any intended target allowing convenient and swift access to any VGS interactive, animated scenes.

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Host Objects



-VGPS Transmitter [BUY]

*(Also allows you to be tracked anywhere in SL.)

Slave Collars/Adornment

*(All adornments have VGS Slave Collar functionality.)

-VGS Gold Chained Heart Piercings [BUY]
-VGS Silver Chained Heart Piercings [BUY]
-VGS Gold Nipple Piercings [BUY]
-VGS Silver Nipple Piercings

-VGS Captivation Collar [BUY]
-VGS Gold ID Necklace [BUY]
-VGS Silver ID Necklace [BUY]
-VGS Pet Choke Collar [BUY]
-VGS Gold ID Bracelet [BUY]
-VGS Silver ID Bracelet [BUY]



-VGPS Tracknet HUD [BUY]

*(Also tracks Transmitter wearers anywhere in SL.)

Other HUDs

-VGS Toolbox HUD [BUY]

*(Basic version is free!)


-VGS Enforcer Belt [BUY]
-VGS Enslaver Belt [BUY]

*(Enforcer and Enslaver Belts come with all Item plug-ins pre-installed.)

-VGS Rope Belt and Security Belt [BUY]

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Plug-In Lists

Item Plug-Ins


-VGS Handcuffs [BUY]
-VGS Rope Arm Bindings [BUY]
-VGS Wrist Irons [BUY]
-VGS Rope Leg Bindngs [BUY]
-VGS Leg Irons [BUY]
-VGS Chain Gang Leg Clamp [BUY]

Sensory Deprivation

-VGS Ball Gag [BUY]
-VGS Ring Gag [BUY]
-VGS Rope Gag [BUY]


-VGS Black Silk Blindfold [BUY]
-VGS Burlap Sack [BUY]

Other Item Plug-ins

-VGS “Other Item” Plugin [BUY]

*(Lets you install your own full perm, non VGS items to attach/dispense.)

-VGS Floor Cleaning Rag [BUY]

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Scenes, Walks and Poseballs

-VGS Poseball/Scene/Anims Plug-in FREE

*(Install this plug-in to rez any VGS Scene or walk.)
*(Plug-in FREE with any VGS Scene or walk!)
*(Any of these walks and scenes can be tested at our store.)
*(Scenes/walks can be used without this plug-in, but they are easier with it.)


-VGS Over-the-Shoulder 2-Person Walk [BUY]
-VGS Cradle-Carry 2-Person Walk [BUY]
-VGS Slumped-Carry 2-Person Walk [BUY]
-VGS Foot Drag 2-Person Walk [BUY]
-VGS Twisted Arm 2-Person Walk [BUY]
-VGS Caveman Hair Drag 2-Person Walk [BUY]
-VGS Abductor’s 2-Person Walk [BUY]
-VGS Piggy Back 2-Person Walk [BUY]
-VGS Stuck-on-You Sub Hug 2-Person Walk [BUY]
-VGS Sleep Carry 3-Person Walk [BUY]
-VGS Double-Stuck-on-You 3-Person Walk [BUY]


-VGS Forced Sex Scene [BUY]

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Additional Effects and Feature Plug-ins

Coming Soon!

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