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June 14, 2010

New Release

VGS Double Stuck Three-Person Drag Along Walk

VGS Double Stuck Three-Person Drag Along Walk

As sweet holding still as it is moving around as a group.

Double Sub-Hug that lets adoring slaves cling tightly, so tightly that when the Master moves, so do they. One stuck to each leg.

Very sweet and amusing. The Master walks with a realistic gait, as if there were weights on his feet; Yet navigates terrain and objects such as stairs easily with VGS advance physics scripting.

VGS Multi-Person Poseball Instructions
(Mod / No Copy / Trans)

The VGS Multi-Person Poseball allows one avatar to carry/drag/interact with a number of other avatars in the manner depicted (e.g. Sleep-Carry etc).

There is an easy to use drop-down menu which allows the driver to tweak any shortfalls in avatar positioning (type /5 menu).

Advanced Users: The poseball also contains a setup notecard for setting the base position offsets for all avatars as well as the camera angle from which the driver is viewed. 

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